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0 comments | Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I had previously deleted this and the previous entries because i felt that they were no good... i'd pretty much only written them so that i'd have something on my page.... starters if you will... but while speaking to my brother Ash today, he said he thought i should leave them on. apparently he enjoyed them (which came as a shock to me, because i thought they were pretty bland). and while i'm sure that when he said enjoyed, it was meant to be taken as enjoyment at the very lowest setting, that's certainly better than hated.
So, back by popular demand, "entourage" and "surfing"
9 weeks ago I began watching HBO's new hit series Entourage. The ads i'd seen for it didn't look too promising. The lead character played by pretty-boy Adrian Grenier and a couple of unknowns as 2 of his friends, part of his entourage if you will. On the bright side, filling out the entourage is the part of pretty-boy's brother, played by Kevin Dillon (brother of Matt Dillon). He'd never been in much that I liked, but I knew he'd done a lot of good serious stuff and was a hard worker. Also, as pretty-boy's agent, was Jeremy "coffee NOW!" Piven (also known as the guy who accidently killed a hooker at his friend's bachelor party in that not-often-enough-viewed gem Very Bad Things).
Despite the inclusion of dillon and piven, I wasn't completely sold, BUT, having gotten in late on other HBO series that turned out to be great, I thought, "hey, what the heck... TiVo it, and check it out."
And check it out, I did. And it turned out not to be a waste of harddrive space, because it was really quite good. An interesting look into the life of a young overnight sensation from Queens, and the impact it's had on him and his friends. Pretty-boy is even a decent enough actor, and 1 of the 2 unknowns (the one who plays Eric, or E) is pretty interesting as the friend who has taken on the role of manager.
The show's very funny and it's neat to see what goes on behind the scenes with big stars and all their shenanigans.Also, they've got some great camoes, for instance, Val Kilmer as the pot-smoking sherpa who's able to supply the boys with some product during a dry spell in L.A.
Turtle (played by the other unknown) almost gets himself killed at the hands of Gary Busey (playing himself) when he knocks over one of Gary's "modern art" sculptures at a gallery premiere.
But Kevin Dillon totally makes this show. He's an out-of-work actor who had his 15 minutes on a show called Viking Quest, constantly trying to get work and occasionally running into viking quest geeks. The guy has at least one line per show that he delivers in such a way that you wonder why he hasn't far surpassed his brother matt's stardom to the point that doing this show would be beneath him.
so, in conclusion, it's a pretty funny show, with a pretty engaging plot, that's overall pretty dang entertaining.Why am I telling you all this? Because I'm killing time, and there's a good chance no one will have read this far.


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