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1 comments | Monday, February 07, 2011

so... i've been watching How I Met Your Mother lately, and these scenes cracked me up quite a bit -- so, for fun, i also needed to create a version of the cecilia chart, which is located below

anyway -- this is my official return to my blog -- for now :)

i'm keeping it brief, but i'm sure no one will mind


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0 comments | Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ok, recorded a new song, and there's no way to post it right here, so i'll just link to my ReverbNation profile

The song is Nobody Home from Pink Floyd's The Wall.

I've been wanting to do a Floyd song for a while, and this is one of my favorites...

Hope you like it: Dan Harris performing Nobody Home

if you're having trouble locating the song, use the handy image below to show you how to get there!

Or feel free to go straight past the profile and directly into the ReverbNation player.

0 comments | Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally -- nearly ONE YEAR from the release of the previous REAL chapter -- The long-awaited Off the List or I Hate People with Glasses conclusion arrived...
And while it was pretty much the ending that everyone was pretty much expecting, i feel it was, nevertheless, quite satisfying....

So, here now, is any of the behind-the-scenes artwork that has never been presented, followed by an all-black-and-white version of the strip!
Enjoy this tonight, and tomorrow, we move for a bit to something new....

2 comments | Monday, November 22, 2010

The day after the dreaded Monty Python business, I had to go ahead and take care of my brother, Andrew, as well... He knew the risks in asking if he could be in a comic strip, and darned if he didn't ask anyway!
for your viewing pleasure, here is THAT original art:

Then the very next day after that, i posted the next "Real" conclusion... this one was much more believable as the real ending of course, since it actually featured some of our intrepid characters :)
Although i've been showing you guys the nuts and bolts of things with these last several posts, Off the List part 4 (fake part 2) was actually fairly well planned out, and the art used was almost identical to the art created... so, rather than construct a nearly identical "black and white" version, I've compiled this set of the few "outtakes" available, as well as some color panels (apparently i was thinking about making a color version, but I forgot all about it till tonight when i found these...)
Hope you enjoy them, and stay tuned for the final chapter of repeats tomorrow!

0 comments | Sunday, November 21, 2010

So, it was going on a month since the last Off the List and people were asking me WHEN would the conclusion come out?!
I told everyone to be patient, and it would be any day now...
then, for fun, i made a fake ending (the now infamous Monty Python ending) which, when released, well... it turned out people were actually OUTRAGED!!
I personally couldn't have more tickled that people cared so much about what would happen... there was talk of burning my blog down and everything!
So, I had my little joke (and i hadn't told anyone about this beforehand) and let the chatter continue for a couple days while i put the finishing touches on the next fake ending (hee hee hee).

So here's what the first fake ending MIGHT have looked like, if it had originally been in black and white to be touched up and colored by me...