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0 comments | Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ok, recorded a new song, and there's no way to post it right here, so i'll just link to my ReverbNation profile

The song is Nobody Home from Pink Floyd's The Wall.

I've been wanting to do a Floyd song for a while, and this is one of my favorites...

Hope you like it: Dan Harris performing Nobody Home

if you're having trouble locating the song, use the handy image below to show you how to get there!

Or feel free to go straight past the profile and directly into the ReverbNation player.

0 comments | Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally -- nearly ONE YEAR from the release of the previous REAL chapter -- The long-awaited Off the List or I Hate People with Glasses conclusion arrived...
And while it was pretty much the ending that everyone was pretty much expecting, i feel it was, nevertheless, quite satisfying....

So, here now, is any of the behind-the-scenes artwork that has never been presented, followed by an all-black-and-white version of the strip!
Enjoy this tonight, and tomorrow, we move for a bit to something new....

2 comments | Monday, November 22, 2010

The day after the dreaded Monty Python business, I had to go ahead and take care of my brother, Andrew, as well... He knew the risks in asking if he could be in a comic strip, and darned if he didn't ask anyway!
for your viewing pleasure, here is THAT original art:

Then the very next day after that, i posted the next "Real" conclusion... this one was much more believable as the real ending of course, since it actually featured some of our intrepid characters :)
Although i've been showing you guys the nuts and bolts of things with these last several posts, Off the List part 4 (fake part 2) was actually fairly well planned out, and the art used was almost identical to the art created... so, rather than construct a nearly identical "black and white" version, I've compiled this set of the few "outtakes" available, as well as some color panels (apparently i was thinking about making a color version, but I forgot all about it till tonight when i found these...)
Hope you enjoy them, and stay tuned for the final chapter of repeats tomorrow!

0 comments | Sunday, November 21, 2010

So, it was going on a month since the last Off the List and people were asking me WHEN would the conclusion come out?!
I told everyone to be patient, and it would be any day now...
then, for fun, i made a fake ending (the now infamous Monty Python ending) which, when released, well... it turned out people were actually OUTRAGED!!
I personally couldn't have more tickled that people cared so much about what would happen... there was talk of burning my blog down and everything!
So, I had my little joke (and i hadn't told anyone about this beforehand) and let the chatter continue for a couple days while i put the finishing touches on the next fake ending (hee hee hee).

So here's what the first fake ending MIGHT have looked like, if it had originally been in black and white to be touched up and colored by me...

0 comments | Saturday, November 20, 2010

So back in January of 2005, a little over a month after the previous chapter, I presented to you all Off the List or I Hate People With Glasses part 3!  Poor David Michon was about to be visited by the now notorious "Mysterious Assassin."  And despite the best efforts of a spectral Ben Brown, he or she was able to carry out her/his dastardly mission....
Dave Michon.... was no more.....

And so this is how it all happened!


0 comments | Friday, November 19, 2010

Well, I missed a day, but here's one for today!  (i'm counting this as thursday)

November 29, 2004 .... a mere TEN DAYS after the release of the previous comic strip.... Readers were treated to the 2nd chapter of the still unnamed Off the List or I Hate People with Glasses.
Now, only TWO DAYS later, you guys get the easier-for-me version!

Here it is, 10 days shy of its 6 year anniversary -- The non-shiny version of Off the List part 2 and the art I used to create it  (you may notice that panels 4-5 are not featured in the art below, but as long as you notice that they are basically the same panels from OTL #1, then you won't miss them (the only new piece of art for panel 4 was the arm going up to my head (added to OTL #1 panel 4 using photoshop))

Ok, ... HERE it is.....

0 comments | Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sooooo... after making a few strips starring pretty much only myself and Tom, I had made the Deborah is an Evil SOB strip, and I think people started to get a little jealous...
Suddenly i found that all kinds of people wanted to be in my comic strips, and, knowing myself, i would never be able to get everybody into a decent storyline in a timely manner...
So why not kill everyone off just as they come into my little world?
Voila! Off the List was born! My problem was solved, and for some strange reason, people seemed to really get a kick out of seeing themselves as cartoon characters being murdered.
It's one of the few things to date that managed to kick up a steady amount of comment traffic, and even allowed me to run a little contest for naming the strip -- I went with 2 suggestions (I believe they were from Eric Vitz and Bob Soulliere (I should really give those guys their prize some day....))
Without further ado, here is the art from the original, where you'll finally get to see how I barely drew anything and pieced it all together in photoshop :)

 And of course, the black and white version that i assume by your silence you love to see:

2 comments | Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahhh... one of the ones that started it all -- To those who don't know, just over 6 years ago, I found myself without a vehicle -- Everyone was having a wonderful time except me... I was stuck in the boonies... far from entertainment aside from my parents (who are wonderful)
One dark and murky night, my good friend Thomas V. Flammer gave me a ring and told me of one such instance of fun times being had by all ... I could barely contain my excitement, because Tom, being such a good friend, obviously knew i didn't have a car at the time and clearly wouldn't be calling to tell me just to rub it in my face, right?   right??
Well, you'll just have to read below to see how this TRUE STORY unfolded...

And of course, the original art:

2 comments | Sunday, November 14, 2010

Continuing down the vein of posting the original art from the history of this blog: Here is the comic strip based on the art and humor of Charles Schulz' beloved Peanuts, starring myself and Tom Flammer: (see the original post from October 23, 2004 here)

And, naturally, a version of the strip using (pretty much) only the original art:
And hey! can't believe i didn't notice this until just now, but I used "you're" instead of "your" ... george brown would NOT be pleased....

2 comments | Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the tradition of yesterday's Deb is an evil SOB post, i am now presenting to you the original artwork for the classic Dan & Tom at Best Buy story (which celebrated it's 6 year anniversary on Oct 1st!) --
As you may recall, this tale was all about the days when best buy corporate was making ALL of its employees try to be your best friend -- it was extremely annoying... and thusly spawned this comic strip:

And, for your viewing pleasure, the un-touched version of the strip, for funsies:

I don't know if you guys are enjoying this particular way of traveling down memory lane, or if you find it interesting at all... why not leave a comment and let me know if i'm providing what you feel is worth-while content?

Thanks! :)

2 comments | Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey!  Guess what I found?

I found a crap-load of the original art for my old Dan's Life Lessons comic strips!

To commemorate the 6th anniversary to the day of when I drew the original art for Deborah Delcamp is an Evil SOB, I will now present to you all of the original art from that strip, including concepts, and a special un-touched-up version of the whole thing!
(here's the original post if you don't remember: http://dangharris.blogspot.com/2004/11/deborah-delcamp-is-evil-sob.html)

Please enjoy, especially if you're Deborah :)

 As you can see, it took me a while to figure out how to draw some semblance of Deborah...