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5 comments | Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Well everyone... i know you're all upset about the fake ending, and if you remember before, i suggested that you might be able to laugh about the Monty Python ending... well, get ready to start laughing! because that was a fake ending!! Here now is Off the List part 4! i had it completed before i even made the fake monty python ending (as some of you who were at the DCC superbowl party may remember, i was drawing. well, most of the strip you are about to see was drawn that night. Note: Special thanks to Superbowl 39 for allowing me the time to finish this art by giving no distraction of entertainment whatsoever.)
Anyway... i really thought you all would get a kick out of the fake ending... i sure have... and to all of you who have lost faith due to the fake monty python ending and the blank preview panel, the following should regain your faith.... (of course, if you ever truly did have faith, it would not have been so easily lost....but that's a lesson for another time...)

And now for something completely different:

5 comments | Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Well... we've got a few big events here at Dangharris.... first, I'm an uncle for the first time!... My brother and his wife had their first baby late Saturday night... her name's Elizabeth and for those of interested in the baby's dimensions (weight, length, etc.) i will tell you know: she is small...
Anyway... please enjoy this picture of my niece:
Pretty cute, huh? and look! we even have the same haircut!!

item #2: The trusty dangharris hit counter has reached over 1,000!! i never thought the day would come! Watch out flammer.blogspot.com!!

item #3: In honor of items #1-2, i have two more pieces of dangharris related news that were small enough to be squished into 1 item, thereby allowing me to continue to title this entry "a trio"... news item number one... be on the lookout for a new regular column entitled "Super Karate Monkey Death Car." with any luck, it should be mildly amusing... i am now going to give you, the readers, this one panel preview of the next comic to be appearing in a matter of days right here at dangharris!!
This is the exact art that will be appearing in a panel from the upcoming strip, although, i am showing it to you without any word balloons, narrative text, or sound effects....
this is the second panel from the strip, and it serves as a starting point for the story... a very important plot point is revealed in the panel, and i think you guys will really get a kick out of the endless discussions that could come from seeing it early.
and one further announcement that may upset some of you, but, more likely, based on recent comic strip reactions, delight most of you... as some of you know, i have been working a little bit on the art for a children's book written by a local author from Mason... now, with all the stuff happening here and at the hospital lately, i have not had as much time to dive into the book yet as i was hoping, so, more than likely, comic strip production for this blog will decline for a few months... hopefully, i will continue to put up some quality work in the written word department, or, with the author's consent, maybe some of the artwork from the book.... i haven't spoken to him about that yet, and will have to get back to you guys about it... could be some legal issues that we would have to worry about... but, the bottom line is, i want to do this book right, and give it the proper amount of attention that it deserves... so, after the strip that the following panel will preview, and one more that i have in the pipes, that will most likely be it for a time... (however, you can always look forward to the occasional "Super Karate Monkey Death Car" (more on this later))

So, now, with thanks for making us a site that has been visited a minimum of 1,000 times.... please enjoy this teaser trailer for a new comic strip...

4 comments | Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well.... if it you thought it was over.... you were only mostly right.... presented below, you will find another chapter (albeit a very small one) in the Off the List saga....

Now, before I go on, i want to encourage everyone who wants to, to return to the strip below and voice your opinion in the comments section.... i've noticed sometimes in the past, when strips have come out in fast succession that people who haven't seen a few strips only tend to comment on the newest one. obviously i'm not asking people who don't want to comment to do so, but if you have something to say, i think you should be heard... normally, i wouldn't say anything, but, as that was the conclusion to the biggest storyline yet on dangharris, i really want to know what's going on in your heads.... even if it hurts....me....
I was a little disappointed in tom who after all the good times he's had here, has vowed never to return to the site.... that hurts... deep inside.... cause you should all know that before i take a haitus, there will be a few more ventures in comic art here in the next couple weeks....but, i guess tom will be missing out.
And ben, who's planning to turn me in to a government agency, in which case i will likely end up handcuffed to a table while some suit beats me with a phonebook.... but i wish no ill upon him.... if he can sleep at night thinking about what i'll be going through (what with the intrusive probing and all), then i'm happy for him... seriously....

So anyway.... on to the new comic... please enjoy this snippet:

4 comments | Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well... at long last, it can finally be seen... the stunning conclusion to a short, yet somehow extremely lengthy, comic strip series!!

The debates have never ended....
Who is the mysterious assassin??
Is it someone we know?
Is it someone Dan made up??
Is it a man??
Is it a woman???
Is it a ROBOT?!?!?
Perhaps an alien??
Someone from another dimension?
Someone from the future?
Who's "off the list" next??
Will anyone else BE off the list?
When's Bunce coming back? (answer: NEVER!!! BWAHAHAHHAHA)
When's Dave coming back?? (answer: October 2, 2013)
Did Tom die, off-panel maybe? (we haven't seen him since his starring turn in The Poops)
Did Dan die, off-panel maybe? (we haven't seen him since he drew The Poops)
If Dan did die, will Andy take up the mantle and finish this series on his blog My Little Corner of the Institution??
Does Andy actually want people looking at his blog right now? (answer: nope!)
If not now, when?
How many more questions do we have to read?
Is anyone actually still reading this? (answer: nope!)
After Ben finishes off the mysterious assassin, will he retire and hang out with Obi-wan, Yoda, and Anakin (old Anakin, not special edition, young Anakin BS)??
He does finish her/him/it off doesn't he?!?!!?
Oh my gosh... he doesn't die again does he?!!?!?
Why are you doing this?!!?

anyway... since obviously you guys can't handle that many questions without resorting to statements, i'm gonna call an end to that whole thing.... besides, all your questions should be answered shortly... this is, after all, the shocking conclusion to Off the List or I Hate People with Glasses!!

So, without further delaying tactics, please enjoy this finale to end all finales...