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0 comments | Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sooooo... after making a few strips starring pretty much only myself and Tom, I had made the Deborah is an Evil SOB strip, and I think people started to get a little jealous...
Suddenly i found that all kinds of people wanted to be in my comic strips, and, knowing myself, i would never be able to get everybody into a decent storyline in a timely manner...
So why not kill everyone off just as they come into my little world?
Voila! Off the List was born! My problem was solved, and for some strange reason, people seemed to really get a kick out of seeing themselves as cartoon characters being murdered.
It's one of the few things to date that managed to kick up a steady amount of comment traffic, and even allowed me to run a little contest for naming the strip -- I went with 2 suggestions (I believe they were from Eric Vitz and Bob Soulliere (I should really give those guys their prize some day....))
Without further ado, here is the art from the original, where you'll finally get to see how I barely drew anything and pieced it all together in photoshop :)

 And of course, the black and white version that i assume by your silence you love to see:


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