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0 comments | Sunday, November 07, 2010

This is from a time when i thought "hey, the art in hotel rooms is pretty random/stupid/pointless/boring -- i wonder if there's money in it -- so, i came up with this "modern art" classic:
I don't know why, but i actually kinda like it ....

My band in high school consisted of myself and a guy named Seth Beurmann -- We were called The Group
This is the logo i made back then, with some recent color styling:

We played one show, and from our perspective, it was the best thing all night (we were the only group to do all-original material)
And as long as i'm doing some music stuff, this was something i did a few years back: I think it was for my photoshop class, but I made the logo from the The Beatles' Love album (the soundtrack to the vegas show (i think?)) as the foreground for a project -- I painted this with black ink on rice paper (no, tom, i didn't trace this) with some nice oriental watercolor brushes... I was pleased with the result:

Here's the color version:

soooo.... that's it for right now, i'm gonna get back on track, you'll see!


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