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0 comments | Sunday, November 21, 2010

So, it was going on a month since the last Off the List and people were asking me WHEN would the conclusion come out?!
I told everyone to be patient, and it would be any day now...
then, for fun, i made a fake ending (the now infamous Monty Python ending) which, when released, well... it turned out people were actually OUTRAGED!!
I personally couldn't have more tickled that people cared so much about what would happen... there was talk of burning my blog down and everything!
So, I had my little joke (and i hadn't told anyone about this beforehand) and let the chatter continue for a couple days while i put the finishing touches on the next fake ending (hee hee hee).

So here's what the first fake ending MIGHT have looked like, if it had originally been in black and white to be touched up and colored by me...


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