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0 comments | Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Well... before you get disappointed, let me assure that this post will not contain the next chapter of the assassin saga... let me also assure that i have not even drawn it yet... the coloring process will not be long after that point, of this you can be assured... i wish i could be giving you good news, but with the holidays, a funeral, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and now the third season of 24 on dvd, i've been extremely busy.... rest assured, that although The West Wing (season 3) will likely be put on hold, my quasi-commitment to regular, new comic strips on this blog has not faltered... it's just been crazy over here is all... but anyway... in light of the holidays, and the fact that i have not yet created nor sent out my annual christmas card.... here is last years christmas card for your perusal... it also was late... although i did make it and have it ready in the very early hours of December 25th of 2003... (please note the date on the art)... and.. huh... well... bloggerbot's offline and not letting me send anything... i will have to post last years Christmas card later... in the meantime, i assure you that i will begin the tedious chore of crafting another strip for your amusement...

please enjoy nothing... until later when i would have you enjoy a ghost of Christmas past.
Change of plans... i really don't like those dang lo-res pictures out in the open, so i'm posting this one here now (12:34 am, 01-03-05)... i was so frustrated with bloggerbot not being up that i didn't even want to deal with this for a while, so now, here i am... dealing with it...
so now, without further ado, please "...enjoy a ghost of Christmas past."


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