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1 comments | Thursday, November 04, 2004

So, some of you may have noticed, but, in case you haven't, it's been a while since i've updated my blog... i want to make it clear that this was not actually my fault (however, i accept full blame for all delays in the past, and for any delays in the foreseeable future).Here's what happened... again, for those who do not know, i do not at this time have a vehicle. i am stranded at home.... it's not so bad, but, because of the reason for which i do not have a vehicle, i was also without internet. because i am without laptop.... ever since i moved back to dial-up, my desktop has not been on the internet. i do not know at which point my previous modem stopped functioning, but it certainly does not now, nor did it a year ago when i moved back here. i had contented myself with only getting online with the lappy, but, now being without lappy, i was stranded at home, and without internet. my only tie to the outside world was the telephone... but, as it turns out, my friends want to talk to me at work when i call them exactly as much as i've wanted to talk to them when they've called me at work.... which is not much... oh, by the way... i am also without cell phone.... not that it would matter, because, as i am stuck at home, a cell phone would be useless, and not only because you don't need a cell phone when you're in a house filled with land-lines.... oh, no... reason number two is because my house is some sort of cellular black hole, disabling all cell phones in an 10 yard radius.
Anyway.... i got a new modem.... i'm using it right now... to be on the internet with.....
so that's pretty much it.... for right now i am the following: stranded, laptopless, portably incommunicado

but at least i can get online.... please enjoy the comic strip below which details another aspect of my plight..... love, dan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan, there is a car in our drive way that needs some work. Come fix it and you can have it.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004 9:52:00 PM


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