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1 comments | Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And now for a new segment here on Dan's Life Lessons.

The Dave Letterman quote of the week... (this could end up becoming a daily thing... however, just as easily, it could become monthly, quarterly, or annually.... so i make no promises based on the title of this brand-new segment)
Anyway, on to one of the funnier things i saw on Letterman this week.
A new republican vice-presidential smear ad:

John Edwards wants your vote.
But is he ready to be Vice President?
He's spent less than 6 years in the Senate.
He's never held an executive office.
And at 51 years of age, he has a youthful, boyish quality.
With lustrous hair, supple skin, and compassionate eyes that penetrate directly into your very soul, making you wonder what it might be like to be with a man, if only for one night.

A message from Bush/Cheney 2004


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