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1 comments | Monday, January 03, 2005

In order to celebrate this being a new year, i come to you with good tidings of great joy... the new strip is pencilled and inked!...
So, the annoying part is over, i can now safely move on to the hard part... the coloring... but, the coloring is fun, and i've already scanned all the artwork (annoying part, part 2), so it should only be a matter of days here...
Also, to wet your beaks: I will now be supplying you with an image out of my sketchbook of a character design for our newest guest star... this was one that i liked, but the details weren't quite worked out yet... i thought it would be a shame to just throw away... maybe this will get a little talk going about who our next guest will be, and what the future holds for him (muwahahah!)... i think it's pretty obvious who it is, but, hey, i knew who i was trying to draw...
anyway... i hope that this preview will be enough to satisfy you jackals until i get the new strip up... it's longer than the last couple, and one of the panels is waaaay more detailed than most of my panels ever are.... so... yeah... please enjoy a picture that is not of a father murdering his child (funny though that may be)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh heheh heh - he said 'wet your beaks'


Tuesday, January 04, 2005 9:08:00 AM


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