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1 comments | Saturday, January 08, 2005

(please note that this is no longer the David Letterman quote of the week... i've changed the format so that i can do any show i happen to be watching. also please note that this is in no way meant as an insult to Mr. Letterman, i still hold the highest respect for him as a late-night funnyman; merely trying to branch out)

Tonight's quote comes to us from "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"

I was watching a little bit of the Late Late Show with their new host Craig Ferguson (i've been a fan of Ferguson since his days on the Drew Carey Show (although that's pretty much all i've seen him in)). I wanted to see how the old Scot was holding up, and his guest on the evening of January 7th was none other than Jeremy "Coffee Now" Piven.

He's been in lots of stuff; i'm sure you've all seen him in something whether you know it or not... (John Cusack's old high school buddy in Grosse Pointe Blank; or for you people who only watch "stupid" comedies, he was Dean Pritchard aka Cheese in Old School (with will ferrell)) as well as hundreds of other shows (probably).

Anyway... he was on the show, talking about how he does a lot of stage work and always has... then he decided to tell this story about a time when he was performing Julius Caesar and his fellow actor, in the middle of a scene (in front of an audience) suddenly went pale, called him "vermin" (not in script) and exited the stage (not in script).

Jeremy Piven: ...and so I had to improvise the rest of the scene...
Craig Ferguson: Improvise Shakespeare?!
JP: Yeah, yeah... that's not right for anyone...
CF: No, I...
JP: It's actually impossible.
CF: Yeah!
JP: Yeah.
CF: It can't be done!
JP: It can't be done... it's like...
CF: But, what did you do?
JP: But I did it. (smiles smugly) Yes.
CF: What did you do?
JP: (fumbling for words) You all did see that Brutus hath... rendered his... vermin... and I hath... pf..p..rr.rr... his stupid mouth!!
CF: It's sheer poetry!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost 20 days since -- slacker...


Wednesday, January 26, 2005 12:48:00 PM


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